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+# stack-wrapper
+When you invoke `ghc` of stack-wrapper, you can invoke the appropriate one which specified by the resolver of _stack.yaml_.
+This helps you when you are working with stack but developing tools etc. don't support stack.
+To check a stack-wrapper version, you give `--stack-wrapper` as the first option to commands.
+You can set the default executable files with environment variables. They are used when no executable files found except the stack-wrapper's ones.
+This package creates 2 types of executable files.
+## ghc etc.
+`ghc` runs like:
+1. search a compiler under stack environment
+2. give the global, snapshot and local package DB to the compiler
+3. run the compiler
+`ghc-pkg`, `ghci`, `haddock`, `hp2ps`, `hsc2hs`, `runghc` and `runhaskell` are also given.
+## exe
+An executable file which is renamed from `exe`, for example `hhpc`, runs new process `stack exec -- hhpc`.
+## Options
+- `--stack-wrapper`
+ - print the stack-wrapper version
+## Environment variables
+ - the default directory which contains `ghc`, `ghc-pkg` etc.
+- `STACK_WRAPPER_<exe name>`
+ - the default executable file for &lt;exe name&gt;
+ - on Windows remove the `.exe` extension