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# Changelog
+## v0.2.2.1
+- Update haddocks with a note to use `extra-source-files` in your `.cabal`
+ file. Thanks [fkellner](! [#8](
## v0.2.2.0
- This adds MIME types for json, xml, gex. Thanks [delanoe](! [#5](
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name: servant-static-th
synopsis: Embed a directory of static files in your Servant server
description: Please see <>.
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@@ -87,6 +87,14 @@ prototypes and internal applications.
This shouldn't be used for high-traffic websites. Instead, you should serve
your static files from something like Apache, nginx, or a CDN.
+If you are creating a @cabal@ package that needs to work with @cabal-install@,
+the @\"dir\"@ you want to serve needs to be a relative path inside your
+project root, and all contained files need to be listed in your
+@.cabal@-file under the @extra-source-files@ field so that they are
+included and available at compile-time.
module Servant.Static.TH