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@@ -5,20 +5,32 @@ sound files in the current directory. This allows to change the
needed files and to produce them by some other means (e. g. by
Besides, you can remove the created by mmsyn7ukr and mmsyn7h files
-while the last one is running, if you specified just one command line
+while the last one is running.
-If you specify the second command line argument "s" and then
-String of the Ukrainian text, then
-the program will use only these sounds representations
-additionally to the default ones "-.wav", "0.wav" and "1.wav".
-To create the needed sound representations, please, execute
-mmsyn7s with the needed Ukrainian text to be sounded (being a
-command line arguments) and then use the resulting output as a third
-command line argument to the mmsyn7ukr program.
+The program mmsyn7h plays the newly created file once. Then it can delete
+the sound files in the current directory while being executed if the
+entered text starts with "0". If you enter as a first command line
+argument "-h", then the program prints informational message and
+is terminated (killed) successfully. If you specify as a first command
+line argument "-v", then the program prints its version number and is
+also successfully terminated. If you specify something else, the first
+command line argument is being treated as a name for the resulting
+file voiced. If you specify further command line arguments as a
+Ukrainian text, that contains only those sounds, which sound
+representations are in the current directory (you can create them
+by e. g. mmsyn7ukr and mmsyn7l programs in the same name packages),
+then the program will use only these sounds representations
+additionally to the default ones "-.wav", "0.wav" and "1.wav"
+and produce the sounding for the text.
For more information, refer to:
In such a case the program will not delete the created resulting
sound files.
+If you do not specify the Ukrainian text as the third and the next command line
+arguments, then the resulting file will be played just after it is created
+by the program. To remove all the created sound files from the directory,
+please, specify now the first character in the input as "0". Otherwise,
+the program will not remove any records (if they are not overwritten).