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-.TH "HLEDGER-WEB" "1" "August 2021" "hledger-web-1.22.2 " "hledger User Manuals"
+.TH "HLEDGER-WEB" "1" "September 2021" "hledger-web-1.23 " "hledger User Manuals"
hledger-web is a web interface (WUI) for the hledger accounting tool.
-This manual is for hledger-web 1.22.2.
+This manual is for hledger-web 1.23.
\f[C]hledger-web [OPTIONS]\f[R]
@@ -155,6 +155,10 @@ period expressions syntax
match the secondary date instead (see command help for other effects)
+override today\[aq]s date (affects relative smart dates, for
\f[B]\f[CB]-U --unmarked\f[B]\f[R]
include only unmarked postings/txns (can combine with -P or -C)
@@ -198,6 +202,10 @@ generate future transactions from periodic transaction rules, for the
next 6 months or till report end date.
In hledger-ui, also make ordinary future transactions visible.
+Override the commodity style in the output for the specified commodity.
+For example \[aq]EUR1.000,00\[aq].
\f[B]\f[CB]--color=WHEN (or --colour=WHEN)\f[B]\f[R]
Should color-supporting commands use ANSI color codes in text output.
\[aq]auto\[aq] (default): whenever stdout seems to be a color-supporting
@@ -206,6 +214,14 @@ terminal.
into \[aq]less -R\[aq].
\[aq]never\[aq] or \[aq]no\[aq]: never.
A NO_COLOR environment variable overrides this.
+Show prettier output, e.g.
+using unicode box-drawing characters.
+Accepts \[aq]yes\[aq] (the default) or \[aq]no\[aq] (\[aq]y\[aq],
+\[aq]n\[aq], \[aq]always\[aq], \[aq]never\[aq] also work).
+If you provide an argument you must use \[aq]=\[aq], e.g.
When a reporting option appears more than once in the command line, the
last one takes precedence.