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-A terminal interface (TUI) for the hledger accounting tool.
+hledger-ui is a terminal interface (TUI) for the hledger accounting
+tool. This manual is for hledger-ui 1.21.
`hledger-ui [OPTIONS] [QUERYARGS]'
`hledger ui -- [OPTIONS] [QUERYARGS]'
@@ -167,8 +168,9 @@ the data.
convert amounts to cost or market value, more flexibly than
- with -V/-X/-value, also infer market prices from transactions
+ use transaction prices (recorded with @ or @@) as additional market
+ prices, as if they were P directives
apply automated posting rules to modify transactions.
@@ -193,10 +195,16 @@ the last one takes precedence.
hledger help options:
`-h --help'
- show general usage (or after COMMAND, command usage)
+ show general or COMMAND help
+ show general or COMMAND user manual with man
+ show general or COMMAND user manual with info
- show version
+ show general or ADDONCMD version
show debug output (levels 1-9, default: 1)
@@ -519,25 +527,25 @@ program is restarted.

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