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diff --git a/CHANGES b/CHANGES
index c175ba6..4f50096 100644
@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@ API-ish changes in the hledger-lib package.
Most user-visible changes are noted in the hledger changelog, instead.
+# 1.11.1 (2018/10/06)
+* add, lib: fix wrong transaction rendering in balance assertion errors
+ and when using the add command
# 1.11 (2018/9/30)
* compilation now works when locale is unset (#849)
diff --git a/Hledger/Data/Journal.hs b/Hledger/Data/Journal.hs
index bf6986f..9969d28 100644
--- a/Hledger/Data/Journal.hs
+++ b/Hledger/Data/Journal.hs
@@ -552,7 +552,7 @@ checkBalanceAssertion p@Posting{ pbalanceassertion = Just (ass,_)} amt
(case ptransaction p of
Nothing -> ":" -- shouldn't happen
Just t -> printf " in %s:\nin transaction:\n%s"
- (showGenericSourcePos pos) (chomp $ show t) :: String
+ (showGenericSourcePos pos) (chomp $ showTransaction t) :: String
where pos = snd $ fromJust $ pbalanceassertion p)
(showPostingLine p)
(showDate $ postingDate p)
diff --git a/hledger-lib.cabal b/hledger-lib.cabal
index f04b8d8..7a8d947 100644
--- a/hledger-lib.cabal
+++ b/hledger-lib.cabal
@@ -2,10 +2,10 @@
-- see:
--- hash: f3cc307bb564ecec4c16143a1d254c4cbbbee1483eb7860c711e3c4c5ed46431
+-- hash: 9a9cfa4db514bd283b078f02541d8bd7fa0249dc63085faedd9e1b5840bf7853
name: hledger-lib
-version: 1.11
+version: 1.11.1
synopsis: Core data types, parsers and functionality for the hledger accounting tools
description: This is a reusable library containing hledger's core functionality.
diff --git a/hledger_csv.5 b/hledger_csv.5
index 179b4dc..a4c19e7 100644
--- a/hledger_csv.5
+++ b/hledger_csv.5
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-.TH "hledger_csv" "5" "September 2018" "hledger 1.10.99" "hledger User Manuals"
+.TH "hledger_csv" "5" "September 2018" "hledger 1.11.1" "hledger User Manuals"
diff --git a/ b/
index 1ec8706..61e5b68 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ This is, produced by makeinfo version 6.5 from stdin.

File:, Node: Top, Next: CSV RULES, Up: (dir)
-hledger_csv(5) hledger 1.10.99
+hledger_csv(5) hledger 1.11.1
hledger can read CSV (comma-separated value) files as if they were
journal files, automatically converting each CSV record into a
@@ -317,33 +317,33 @@ one rules file will be used for all the CSV files being read.

Tag Table:
Node: Top72
-Node: CSV RULES2169
-Ref: #csv-rules2277
-Node: skip2539
-Ref: #skip2633
-Node: date-format2805
-Ref: #date-format2932
-Node: field list3438
-Ref: #field-list3575
-Node: field assignment4280
-Ref: #field-assignment4435
-Node: conditional block4939
-Ref: #conditional-block5093
-Node: include5989
-Ref: #include6119
-Node: newest-first6350
-Ref: #newest-first6464
-Node: CSV TIPS6875
-Ref: #csv-tips6969
-Node: CSV ordering7087
-Ref: #csv-ordering7205
-Node: CSV accounts7386
-Ref: #csv-accounts7524
-Node: CSV amounts7778
-Ref: #csv-amounts7924
-Node: CSV balance assertions8699
-Ref: #csv-balance-assertions8881
-Node: Reading multiple CSV files9086
-Ref: #reading-multiple-csv-files9256
+Node: CSV RULES2167
+Ref: #csv-rules2275
+Node: skip2537
+Ref: #skip2631
+Node: date-format2803
+Ref: #date-format2930
+Node: field list3436
+Ref: #field-list3573
+Node: field assignment4278
+Ref: #field-assignment4433
+Node: conditional block4937
+Ref: #conditional-block5091
+Node: include5987
+Ref: #include6117
+Node: newest-first6348
+Ref: #newest-first6462
+Node: CSV TIPS6873
+Ref: #csv-tips6967
+Node: CSV ordering7085
+Ref: #csv-ordering7203
+Node: CSV accounts7384
+Ref: #csv-accounts7522
+Node: CSV amounts7776
+Ref: #csv-amounts7922
+Node: CSV balance assertions8697
+Ref: #csv-balance-assertions8879
+Node: Reading multiple CSV files9084
+Ref: #reading-multiple-csv-files9254

End Tag Table
diff --git a/hledger_csv.txt b/hledger_csv.txt
index ac7d0f2..20bd12b 100644
--- a/hledger_csv.txt
+++ b/hledger_csv.txt
@@ -249,4 +249,4 @@ SEE ALSO
-hledger 1.10.99 September 2018 hledger_csv(5)
+hledger 1.11.1 September 2018 hledger_csv(5)
diff --git a/hledger_journal.5 b/hledger_journal.5
index 27bb92c..a3bdf37 100644
--- a/hledger_journal.5
+++ b/hledger_journal.5
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-.TH "hledger_journal" "5" "September 2018" "hledger 1.10.99" "hledger User Manuals"
+.TH "hledger_journal" "5" "September 2018" "hledger 1.11.1" "hledger User Manuals"
diff --git a/ b/
index 8a2b2c3..c217c58 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ stdin.

File:, Node: Top, Next: FILE FORMAT, Up: (dir)
-hledger_journal(5) hledger 1.10.99
+hledger_journal(5) hledger 1.11.1
hledger's usual data source is a plain text file containing journal
entries in hledger journal format. This file represents a standard
@@ -1393,93 +1393,93 @@ Code

Tag Table:
Node: Top76
-Node: FILE FORMAT2378
-Ref: #file-format2502
-Node: Transactions2789
-Ref: #transactions2910
-Node: Postings3594
-Ref: #postings3721
-Node: Dates4716
-Ref: #dates4831
-Node: Simple dates4896
-Ref: #simple-dates5022
-Node: Secondary dates5388
-Ref: #secondary-dates5542
-Node: Posting dates7105
-Ref: #posting-dates7234
-Node: Status8608
-Ref: #status8728
-Node: Description10436
-Ref: #description10574
-Node: Payee and note10893
-Ref: #payee-and-note11007
-Node: Account names11249
-Ref: #account-names11392
-Node: Amounts11879
-Ref: #amounts12015
-Node: Virtual Postings15032
-Ref: #virtual-postings15191
-Node: Balance Assertions16411
-Ref: #balance-assertions16586
-Node: Assertions and ordering17482
-Ref: #assertions-and-ordering17668
-Node: Assertions and included files18368
-Ref: #assertions-and-included-files18609
-Node: Assertions and multiple -f options18942
-Ref: #assertions-and-multiple--f-options19196
-Node: Assertions and commodities19328
-Ref: #assertions-and-commodities19563
-Node: Assertions and subaccounts20259
-Ref: #assertions-and-subaccounts20491
-Node: Assertions and virtual postings21012
-Ref: #assertions-and-virtual-postings21219
-Node: Balance Assignments21361
-Ref: #balance-assignments21542
-Node: Transaction prices22662
-Ref: #transaction-prices22831
-Node: Comments25099
-Ref: #comments25233
-Node: Tags26403
-Ref: #tags26521
-Node: Directives27923
-Ref: #directives28066
-Node: Comment blocks33948
-Ref: #comment-blocks34093
-Node: Including other files34269
-Ref: #including-other-files34449
-Node: Default year34857
-Ref: #default-year35026
-Node: Declaring commodities35449
-Ref: #declaring-commodities35632
-Node: Default commodity36859
-Ref: #default-commodity37035
-Node: Market prices37671
-Ref: #market-prices37836
-Node: Declaring accounts38677
-Ref: #declaring-accounts38856
-Node: Account display order39406
-Ref: #account-display-order39596
-Node: Rewriting accounts40617
-Ref: #rewriting-accounts40805
-Node: Basic aliases41539
-Ref: #basic-aliases41685
-Node: Regex aliases42389
-Ref: #regex-aliases42560
-Node: Multiple aliases43278
-Ref: #multiple-aliases43453
-Node: end aliases43951
-Ref: #end-aliases44098
-Node: Default parent account44199
-Ref: #default-parent-account44367
-Node: Periodic transactions45251
-Ref: #periodic-transactions45433
-Node: Forecasting with periodic transactions46644
-Ref: #forecasting-with-periodic-transactions46887
-Node: Budgeting with periodic transactions48574
-Ref: #budgeting-with-periodic-transactions48813
-Node: Transaction Modifiers49272
-Ref: #transaction-modifiers49435
-Ref: #editor-support50809
+Node: FILE FORMAT2376
+Ref: #file-format2500
+Node: Transactions2787
+Ref: #transactions2908
+Node: Postings3592
+Ref: #postings3719
+Node: Dates4714
+Ref: #dates4829
+Node: Simple dates4894
+Ref: #simple-dates5020
+Node: Secondary dates5386
+Ref: #secondary-dates5540
+Node: Posting dates7103
+Ref: #posting-dates7232
+Node: Status8606
+Ref: #status8726
+Node: Description10434
+Ref: #description10572
+Node: Payee and note10891
+Ref: #payee-and-note11005
+Node: Account names11247
+Ref: #account-names11390
+Node: Amounts11877
+Ref: #amounts12013
+Node: Virtual Postings15030
+Ref: #virtual-postings15189
+Node: Balance Assertions16409
+Ref: #balance-assertions16584
+Node: Assertions and ordering17480
+Ref: #assertions-and-ordering17666
+Node: Assertions and included files18366
+Ref: #assertions-and-included-files18607
+Node: Assertions and multiple -f options18940
+Ref: #assertions-and-multiple--f-options19194
+Node: Assertions and commodities19326
+Ref: #assertions-and-commodities19561
+Node: Assertions and subaccounts20257
+Ref: #assertions-and-subaccounts20489
+Node: Assertions and virtual postings21010
+Ref: #assertions-and-virtual-postings21217
+Node: Balance Assignments21359
+Ref: #balance-assignments21540
+Node: Transaction prices22660
+Ref: #transaction-prices22829
+Node: Comments25097
+Ref: #comments25231
+Node: Tags26401
+Ref: #tags26519
+Node: Directives27921
+Ref: #directives28064
+Node: Comment blocks33946
+Ref: #comment-blocks34091
+Node: Including other files34267
+Ref: #including-other-files34447
+Node: Default year34855
+Ref: #default-year35024
+Node: Declaring commodities35447
+Ref: #declaring-commodities35630
+Node: Default commodity36857
+Ref: #default-commodity37033
+Node: Market prices37669
+Ref: #market-prices37834
+Node: Declaring accounts38675
+Ref: #declaring-accounts38854
+Node: Account display order39404
+Ref: #account-display-order39594
+Node: Rewriting accounts40615
+Ref: #rewriting-accounts40803
+Node: Basic aliases41537
+Ref: #basic-aliases41683
+Node: Regex aliases42387
+Ref: #regex-aliases42558
+Node: Multiple aliases43276
+Ref: #multiple-aliases43451
+Node: end aliases43949
+Ref: #end-aliases44096
+Node: Default parent account44197
+Ref: #default-parent-account44365
+Node: Periodic transactions45249
+Ref: #periodic-transactions45431
+Node: Forecasting with periodic transactions46642
+Ref: #forecasting-with-periodic-transactions46885
+Node: Budgeting with periodic transactions48572
+Ref: #budgeting-with-periodic-transactions48811
+Node: Transaction Modifiers49270
+Ref: #transaction-modifiers49433
+Ref: #editor-support50807

End Tag Table
diff --git a/hledger_journal.txt b/hledger_journal.txt
index 9e50ee4..76b757a 100644
--- a/hledger_journal.txt
+++ b/hledger_journal.txt
@@ -1151,4 +1151,4 @@ SEE ALSO
-hledger 1.10.99 September 2018 hledger_journal(5)
+hledger 1.11.1 September 2018 hledger_journal(5)
diff --git a/hledger_timeclock.5 b/hledger_timeclock.5
index 97323e2..24b71db 100644
--- a/hledger_timeclock.5
+++ b/hledger_timeclock.5
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-.TH "hledger_timeclock" "5" "September 2018" "hledger 1.10.99" "hledger User Manuals"
+.TH "hledger_timeclock" "5" "September 2018" "hledger 1.11.1" "hledger User Manuals"
diff --git a/ b/
index 384d793..b2bb155 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ stdin.

File:, Node: Top, Up: (dir)
-hledger_timeclock(5) hledger 1.10.99
+hledger_timeclock(5) hledger 1.11.1
hledger can read timeclock files. As with Ledger, these are (a subset
of) timeclock.el's format, containing clock-in and clock-out entries as
diff --git a/hledger_timeclock.txt b/hledger_timeclock.txt
index 4f0ae83..c734fb4 100644
--- a/hledger_timeclock.txt
+++ b/hledger_timeclock.txt
@@ -77,4 +77,4 @@ SEE ALSO
-hledger 1.10.99 September 2018 hledger_timeclock(5)
+hledger 1.11.1 September 2018 hledger_timeclock(5)
diff --git a/hledger_timedot.5 b/hledger_timedot.5
index a4bd8f9..06bc2c3 100644
--- a/hledger_timedot.5
+++ b/hledger_timedot.5
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-.TH "hledger_timedot" "5" "September 2018" "hledger 1.10.99" "hledger User Manuals"
+.TH "hledger_timedot" "5" "September 2018" "hledger 1.11.1" "hledger User Manuals"
diff --git a/ b/
index 71c44d1..7fc5c99 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ stdin.

File:, Node: Top, Next: FILE FORMAT, Up: (dir)
-hledger_timedot(5) hledger 1.10.99
+hledger_timedot(5) hledger 1.11.1
Timedot is a plain text format for logging dated, categorised quantities
(of time, usually), supported by hledger. It is convenient for
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ $ hledger -f t.timedot --alias /\\./=: bal date:2016/2/4

Tag Table:
Node: Top76
-Ref: #file-format914
+Ref: #file-format912

End Tag Table
diff --git a/hledger_timedot.txt b/hledger_timedot.txt
index 28173a9..1986816 100644
--- a/hledger_timedot.txt
+++ b/hledger_timedot.txt
@@ -124,4 +124,4 @@ SEE ALSO
-hledger 1.10.99 September 2018 hledger_timedot(5)
+hledger 1.11.1 September 2018 hledger_timedot(5)